Introducing Twisp Cue. Vaping Made Easy.


Introducing Twisp Cue. Vaping Made Easy.


Introducing Twisp Cue. Vaping Made Easy.

The Twisp Cue, also pronounced as the Twisp Q, Twisp Que, Twisp Queue, twispq , Twisp q cigarette and Twisp e-cigarette is designed for smokers looking for a safer alternative. This sleek device guarantees the smoking experience you’re looking for without all the negative side effects.

Simply pick your prefilled Flavour Pod, click it into the device and enjoy the Twisp life. No fills and no fuss.

This is your Cue to experience the future of vaping. One that’s easier, tastes, smells and feels better.

Benefits of Cue

Ultra-portable and easy-to-use. Simply pick your Flavour Pod, click your Flavour Pod into the device and enjoy the Twisp life.

1. Disposable & prefilled Pod System

  • The Cue Pods are prefilled with Twisp flavour and contain the atomizer head. Once the flavour is used up, the Pod is disposed.

3. Ceramic Coils

  • Ceramic Wick coils are built into the Cue Pod providing clean and clear flavour without any of the problems associated with burnt wicks.

5. Magnetic Click In

  • Cue Pods use magnets to hold the Pod in place making the Pod easy to insert and remove without the hassle of refilling and changing coils.

6. Small & Thin Form

  • The Twisp Cue is ultra compact and can fit easily into one’s pocket or handbag.

7. Automatic Battery

  • The Cue has no buttons to push, making the device more convenient and easy to use. Simply just draw on the device to activate. The device will last 300 puffs or 1-2 days depending on usage.

8. Device Level Indicator

  • Clear and easy to read. Single colour with flashing low device warning.

9. Easy To Use

  • Symmetrical Pods – fit into the device both ways.
  • Easy to change flavours.

Pick your Flavour Pod

Cue Pods feature a prefilled disposable Pod design. Simply pick your Flavour Pod, click it into the device and Enjoy the Twisp life.

Flavour Pods are available in regular strength nicotine and last up to 300 puffs, roughly 1 pack of cigarettes.

Flavour Pods are available in 3 regular strength flavours with each start pack containing one of each flavour Pod for you to try:

Tobacco#1 R49,95

  • Experience a classic, balanced taste of the highest quality Tobacco, carefully extracted straight from Oriental Turkish Tobacco leaves.

Rebel R49,95

  • Give your taste buds a tantalizing boost of energy. For lovers of sweet berries and extreme experiences.

Polar Mint R49,95

  • This crisp, cooling – slightly sweet spearmint flavour, perfectly balanced for an all day Twisp experience.

Blueberry R49,95

  • Tasty, tarty blueberries, freshly picked and blended for a sweet and delightful experience.

Mango Ice R49,95

  • The refreshing taste of mango with a cool burst of iced refreshment.

Vanilla R49,95

  • It’s smooth, sweet and aromatic, like vanilla straight from the pod.

Nut Brittle R49,95

  • A warm, rich flavour of caramelized nuts, with added tastes of decadent vanilla. If you happen to like desserts, this one’s for you.

Click in your Flavour Pod

Simply click your Flavour Pod into the device and enjoy the Twisp life. This simple to use system allows for flavours to be easily interchangeable. Once your Pod is finished, simply responsibly dispose and click in a new Pod.

Enjoy the Twisp life

Purchase yours today!

Starter Pack R449,95

  • Cue Device (350 mAh)
  • 2x Cue Pods 2ml (Tobacco, Polar Mint)
  • User Manual
  • USB Charging Cable

Flavours R49,95

  • Tobacco, Rebel, Polar Mint, Nut Brittle, Blueberry
  • Buy Now
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