Cue a new you


Cue a new you


Cue a new you

Say hello to the Twisp Cue, our most easy-to-use but hard-to-spell vape yet.

The Twisp Cue device is so sleek, so convenient and user-friendly, so extremely portable that the single most difficult thing about it is learning how to spell its name: The Twisp Cue.

Known affectionately — and highly inaccurately — as the Twisp Queue, Twisp Q, Twist Cue, Twist Q and Twisp Que (this last one, presumably, by all the Spanish-speaking vape enthusiasts), the Twisp Cue is an advanced e-cigarette especially designed for those who enjoy both hassle-free vaping and spelling. “Que” indeed!

The Twisp Cue offers a high-quality e-smoking experience — one that’s noticeably easier and tastes, smells and feels better, but without all the negative side effects. It’s really as easy as picking your favourite prefilled flavour pod, clicking it into the battery and enjoying the Twisp experience. Vaping made easy; spelling made hard.

The Twisp Cue also boasts a host of other benefits that are worth mentioning:

  • A disposable and prefilled pod system, as if it wasn’t already easy enough
  • Ceramic coils, which means a cleaner, crisper flavour without any of the problems associated with burnt wicks
  • A magnetic click-in, which is just a fancy way of saying that the pods are extremely easy to insert and remove
  • A compact and portable design, so it can fit easily into your pocket or handbag right beside your spelling dictionary
  • An automatic battery, with no buttons, leaving you with more time to worry about the important things. Like spelling.

And with flavours like Tobacco#1, Rebel, Polar Mint, Blueberry and Nut Brittle, as well as approximately 350 puffs per pod, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more easy-to-use vaping device than the Twist Que — er, the Twisp Q?… The Twisp Cue.

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